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Risk Based Auditing

Risk Based Auditing

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Risk Based Auditing


To explain specifically how different outcomes in the addressing of identified Risks lead to different types of opinion, and provide:

  • Ways of avoiding the need for report modifications (by securing either additional evidence or amendment of the Financial Statements).
  • Alternative wordings for modifications, of differing severity, where they cannot be avoided.

A ‘library’ of common risks (by Financial Statement line item), including ways of addressing them, will be provided. Emphasis will be placed throughout on the difficult aspects of the Risk-Assessment process and the common pitfalls, both in assessing Risks (Inherent Risk/‘Gross’ Risk) and Controls (Control Risk/‘Net’ Risk), and practical ways of avoiding them, will be presented.

Course Outline:

Section 1:

  • Introduction
  • Risk-based auditing: Assertions
  • Risk Relationships
  • ISA 315 Revision
  • Revised Reporting ISAs

Section 2:

  • Risk Related Errors
  • Fraud Risks
  • Risk Library

Participants’ Profile

Accountants and Auditors

Course Summary:

Delivery Method: Online Pre-Recorded Video 

Length: 3 hours (3 CPD Credits)

Lecturer: Joseph Kassapis


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