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Recovery Planning For Financial Instruments

Recovery Planning For FI

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Recovery Planning for Financial Instruments


The aim of the seminar is to provide participants with an outline of the CIF’s requirement to develop Recovery Plans. It outlines the principles and methodologies that should be used when establishing Recovery Plans, gives the overview of qualitative and quantitative Recovery Plan indicators and range of stress-test scenarios that should be included in the Recovery Plan in accordance with the EBA guidelines. The seminar sets out the content of Recovery Plan, specifying the essential items of information a Recovery Plan is expected to include so as to satisfy CySEC’s requirements. Finally, it gives the overview of different circumstances when an institution shall be considered as failing or likely to fail and outlines how CySEC will review and evaluate the Recovery Plan of the CIF. 

Participants’ Profile

This seminar is addressed to the Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, Internal and External Auditors as well as the Members of the Board of Investment Firms as it outlines their responsibilities and gives direction on how to prepare and implement Recovery Plans.

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Course Summary:

Delivery Method: Online Pre-Recorded Video 

Length: 4 hours (4 CPD Credits)

Lecturer: Ilze Petersone


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